Same Line Twice – a collaborative drawing project by HUNG Fai and WAI Pong-Yu 「轉生」熊輝與韋邦雨合作畫系列

[:en]Date: 24 Nov – 16 Dec 2017   Opening Hours: 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)

Venue: Grotto Fine Art, Central

Collaboration in art has a long history in China.  It was common practice among literati at their intellectual gatherings.  In addition to composing poetry and connoisseurship, they would playfully join in painting as a way to exchange repertoire and ideas.  But aside from entertainment and amusement, there were cases that called for thoughtful artistic pursuit and determined by with clear intentions,

The present exhibition of Wai Pongyu and Hung Fai reveals a new kind of collaboration.  Both artists use ink, paper, brush and pen as their primary tools.  As peers, their creative style represents the dominant trend in contemporary Hong Kong art – to capture the essence of ink through the unrestricted exploration of traditional mediums.  The Same Line Twice series began in late 2016 first is their first attempt to bring together two similar yet vastly different interpretations.  While the most important aspect of their art is the “line”, the collaborative intention goes beyond the surface.  More>>[:zh]


日期:2017年11月24日 – 2017年12月16日      開放時間: 11:00 – 19:00 (週日及公眾假期休息)

地點:嘉圖現代藝術,香港中環雲咸街31C-D號2 樓

是次展覽將展示熊輝和韋邦雨嶄新的共同創作。兩位藝術家同樣以水墨、紙、針筆或畫筆作為主要的繪畫工具。他們的創作風格代表了香港當代水墨的主流趨勢 — 透過探索傳統物料捕捉水墨的精神與本質。