【Art Sharing】VesselⅠ& VesselⅡ by FAI HUNG 熊輝作品

Today, we are going to take a look at Fai Hung’s painting. Hung is a Hong Kong artist whose creation mainly focuses on the field of contemporary Chinese ink art.

Exploring with both Chinese and Western media, Hung has developed unique expression and presentation techniques on both paper and canvas. Through the deconstruction of elements in traditional Chinese ink paintings, his works are reconstructed conceptually with a series of experimentation and transformation and extended possibilities in ink painting.

He presented two artworks in this year Art Basel, naming Vessel Ⅰ & Vessel Ⅱ.

Hung invited his mother to use XUAN paper to fold a ship, which served as a carrier of her childhood impression of ship and reminiscences. The paper itself following his mother’s memory was turned into the dimensional spaces.

Hung flattened the ship gently along the fold marks, placed the ship on layers of xuan paper, and then soaked them with water. As the tip of his pen goes up and down, the oppressed ink dots shower over the ship, cover it gradually until it is fully covered. Water was then instilled from one end of the paper. The black ink diffused with the current and slowly penetrated the ship. Lastly, Hung lifted the ship, symbolising the unearthing of a buried trace, evoked from the blank what was once forgotten.

In the end, the paper was spread open and placed vertically by the sides, and the ship rested in the middle, manifested an ‘open’ state in Vessel Ⅰ & ‘closed’ in Vessel Ⅱ. The expanded mirrored space and the tightly closed maternal imagery expressed relationships of mother and son in the pursuing of origin.

Contents with reference to Hung’s website and artwork description

Check Fai Hung’s personal website>> or Instagram (@hungfaivito)>> for more information.[:zh]香港一年一度的艺术盛事 香港巴塞尔艺术展于昨日落幕,今年的巴塞尔亦是有非常多好作品、



今次,熊辉邀请母亲用宣纸摺一艘船,以纸船为载体,记录母亲同年对船的印象与回忆。 纸张随着母亲的记忆,被折叠成立体的空间。


最后,把宣纸层翻开,垂直置于左右,并将纸船之中,在《源Ⅰ 》和《源Ⅱ》, 分别呈现开、合两种状态:展开成镜像空间、紧合为母体的意向,表达母与子在寻求本源的过程中之关係、



熊辉Instagram:@hungfaivito>>[:hk]香港一年一度的藝術盛事 香港巴塞爾藝術展於昨日落幕,今年的巴塞爾亦是有非常多好作品、



今次,熊輝邀請母親用宣紙摺一艘船,以紙船為載體,記錄母親同年對船的印象與回憶。 紙張隨著母親的記憶,被折疊成立體的空間。


最後,把宣紙層翻開,垂直置於左右,並將紙船之中,在《源Ⅰ 》和《源Ⅱ》, 分別呈現開、合兩種狀態:展開成鏡像空間、緊合為母體的意向,表達母與子在尋求本源的過程中之關係、